Every Sunday during the service,  we have a children’s service for children aged 0 to 12 years, known as JesusKids. Children take in a special place in Jesus’ heart. He has said: unless you become like little children, you can never enter the kingdom of heaven (Matt 18:3).

We, as children’s ministry workers, want to show the heart of Jesus to children. We want to receive and welcome every child as if we receive and welcome Jesus himself (Matt 18:5). Every Sunday, we welcome over 400 children to show them the love of Jesus. Our wish for every child is for them to accept Jesus in his or her life and to live with Him. This life with Jesus should become visible both at home and in the congregation.

Jesus Kids is for:
– Babies
– 1-year-olds
– 2-year-olds
– 3-year-olds
– 4-8 year-olds
– 9-12 year-olds
– SC group

Two out of every three Sundays, we have Jesus Kids XL for the 4-8 and 9-12 year-olds. A festive service with song and dance, plays, multimedia, games, workshops and the Word of God. After a collective opening, the children split up into small groups to process the theme in a creative way. On the third Sunday, the children meet each other in small groups of their peers. There is time for personal conversations and prayer.

Special Care group

Some children need more attention and care than other children. They feel unsafe very easily or are easily stimulated. Especially for them we have the SC group. This is a smaller group compared to the other groups. We work with fixed structures, made visible by pictograms. We try to adapt the program to the children’s level as much as possible. The possibilities and limitations of every child are taken into account. The workers in this group have experience with these children because of their work or private situation.

At first, every child will join the regular group. When it turns out that more individual attention is required, we will discuss this with you and the head of the SC group in order to determine what the best option for your child is.
If you think your son/daughter is eligible for this group beforehand, please contact the head of this group ( It is not possible to bring your son/daughter to the group unannounced.
We only have the SC-group during the second service at 11:30.

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