Wednesday evening

Nearly every Wednesday evening we come together as church during any of the following gatherings. You are most welcome here. View the calendar for the special dates.

At these evenings we pray for various situations that are related to church, but also what matters in society. There will be a short time for worship. Study’s will always focus on prayer and intercession.

At these evenings we look forward to the presence of God and the Holy Spirit, in which we expect the gifts of the Spirit to function. It’s an evening in which we learn to move in the working of the Holy Spirit. There will always be a short study to explain things. There will be room for worship and creativity, flags, dance, painting, clay etc. on these evenings.
In many ways God will prophesy to our hearts and bring us into His presence.

At this evening we will be reaching out for inner and physical healing. A short Bible study will be given before we as congregation step out to pray for the sick.

We all have different passions. Each evening, four speakers will speak on a subject which is the passion of their heart. This will be given in such a way that participation can take place. There will be four workshops which you can choose from.