Bible school

The full-time and part-time Bible school, School for Harvest and Ministry, was born from a profound concern for the need for steadfast and biblically grounded workers in churches and congregations. Through the years, we have seen how hundreds of people have found their place within the congregation and in the missionary world. The school guarantees a life-changing training with a lot of practical experience. What is special, is that both old and young are welcome. The composition therefore is very much like it is in the local congregation.

In addition to the school in the Netherlands, identical schools have been opened in Suriname and Kenya.

The School for Harvest and Ministry offers a full-time two-year training to become a Christian worker level A (lessons are from Tuesday up to and including Friday). When somebody only takes the first full-time year, they will have taken level B: assistant Christian worker.

The first year can also be taken part-time (on Tuesdays and Thursdays), in which case the training can be spread over two years (during the second year, lessons will take place on Wednesdays and Fridays).

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